Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the ceremony take place?

The ceremony is upstairs in the Willow Chapel at DiNolfo's!

What is the parking situation?

The banquet hall has it's own parking lot. It is self park and free!

Are you really enforcing ther COVID-19 vaccination requirements?

YES! We have worked through this entire pandemic as nurses and have seen how this virus has affected people's lives. We feel it is necessary to keep our guests safe and to allow everyone to have a good time. We respect everyone's personal choices so if you have chosen not to get the vaccine, we will miss you on our special day and we only ask that you still submit an RSVP saying 'Not Going'!

Even though I'm vaccinated, do I still need to take a COVID-19 test?

YES! Although the vaccine helps decrease the likelihood of severe disease, people can still be asymptomatic and spread the virus. We have family and friends that are at higher risk of having a severe reaction to COVID-19 so please help us protect them by getting tested prior to attending our wedding!

What types of COVID-19 tests are acceptable?

We ask that you either get a PCR test within 72hours of the wedding day or a rapid test the morning of. Home tests are acceptable as long as they are done the day of. Testing is free to everyone and home tests are available for purchase at drugstores. Just be sure to schedule or purchase ahead of time. For more information about testing and to get free at-home tests please visit

What brands of COVID-19 tests are acceptable?

We accept tests done by any reputable facility (drugstores, hospitals, place of work, etc.), as well as home tests for rapids.

How do I submit my COVID-19 test to you?

Please send it via email or text a picture! Red and Alyssa's emails and phone numbers are listed in the 'Contact' section of this website. We will have a system to keep track of this! 

What are the guidelines for people that have gotten COVID-19?

If you have gotten COVID-19 within 90 days of the wedding date, you do not need to take a test, but please submit your positive result. If you are COVID-19 positive and it's been 10 days since your positive test from the wedding date, you do not need to take a test, but please submit your positive result. If you are positive for COVID-19 and it hasn't been 10 days since your positive result, please take care of yourself at home and get better! More information on 

Can I bring other people with me?

Unfortunately, our seating capacity is very limited, so our invitation is only for the person it was addressed to.  We hope we'll be able to celebrate altogether some time in the future.

Are you able to accommodate my dietary restrictions?

If you have any diet restrictions, please type in your RSVP and we will notify our venue!

Do you two have a registry?

We currently do not! We have a lot of material things at home not really really sure what more we need, but thank you for wondering!

What's the dress code?

Semi-formal/cocktail attire. No jeans, no shorts, no t-shirts, and for the ladies, no white dresses, please!